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Training Church & Ministry Leaders in a Theology of Disability

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Theology of Disability Training
October 1-4 | Memphis, TN

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What is Equip?

Equip is the training and consulting arm of Accessible Hope International. Over years of experience working in the developing world, we saw a need for a training curriculum designed to better incorporate people with disabilities into the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 16-20) and invite them into the Body of Christ. We walk alongside churches, ministries, and groups who work in the developing world and want to better prepare their leaders to embrace Jesus’ approach to disability, and learn how to incorporate people with disabilities into their communities and churches.



Equip is made up of a team of trained Ambassadors, including the Accessible Hope International staff. When a ministry contacts us with a request for training, we prepare 2 of our ambassadors to travel to the requested location, bringing training supplies.



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How can a ministry be trained by Equip?

Join us in October for the Equip Bootcamp in Memphis, Tennessee!

If you can’t make it to the Bootcamp, you can email Accessible Hope International at
We will be happy to have a more detailed discussion about your ministry, your goals, and how we can partner.


Pastor Antoine’s Testimony

Pastor Antoine and his wife felt called by God to start a ministry for vulnerable women in their community, particularly those with disabilities. In May 2019, Pastor Antoine invited Accessible Hope to facilitate a Theology of Disability Training of Trainers for his ministry and others in his community. Here’s his testimony.

Who does Equip train and how?

We train any ministry or group who desires God’s heart for people with disabilities working in the developing world. Our Ambassadors are English-speakers who train other English-speakers, who then have the tools to train others. Our curriculum is called Theology of Disability (ToD) and is designed for oral cultures and learners who may or may not have received high levels of education.


Can I use the Theology of Disability training curriculum?

Yes! Once you have arranged with Accessible Hope to receive a Theology of Disability Training of Trainers (TOT), our Equip Ambassadors will bring printed training manuals that include detailed training instructions and handouts to the training. You will also gain access to the online training center where you can use other helpful resources to host your own Theology of Disability training. We request that any ministry who has been trained to use this curriculum would agree to share assessment data that they collect in their own training so we can further study the impact this training has on groups around the world. Email us at to look into setting up a Training of Trainers for your ministry.

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