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Prayer Resources

Join Our Prayer Response Team!

We would love for you to join us in praying for our women! They need your prayers as they walk this journey toward wholeness and reconciliation with God. Satan does not want them free, so he will fight them.


Prayer Requests:

  • That hearts would be soft to the Holy Spirit’s voice

  • That years of rejection and hurt will be healed by the power of Christ’s love

  • For God to raise up churches which will embrace the women and disciple them as they become followers of Christ

  • That they would understand a true picture of God and His desire for them

  • That the women would raise up their children in the knowledge of Jesus’ redemption for them and their value in Him

  • That they would find motivation to persevere in making difficult life changes

  • For wisdom and diligence for our staff to be ministers of reconciliation amongst the women

Interested in praying for one specific woman?