Ruth Ada Kamara

Programme Director

Ruth Ada Kamara has faithfully served as Programme Manager since February 2011 after serving as the Field Officer for over a year. Prior to that, she spent several years working as a Community Awareness Officer for an Anti-Human Trafficking Program in Sierra Leone. Having come through a set of extremely difficult circumstances, and then experiencing the saving and transforming power of Christ, her testimony brings hope and confidence to the women she serves. She has extensive experience working in the field, and has a deep love and passion for serving women with disabilities.


Hawa Munu

Assistant Trainer and Child Advocacy Officer

Hawa Munu was one of the first graduates of the Community Health Evangelism training, held in 2010. She now assists in teaching other women the principles of development, health, business and home life that she learned. Hawa also works alongside the women in the Fair Trade Cooperative, assists in General Meetings, leads Bible studies, makes home visits and facilitates support groups. Hawa has one lame leg, walking with a severe limp, but this does not keep her from an active life, or from setting an example in her community of how to live an upright and active life.


Adama Conteh

Logistics and Advocacy Officer 

Adama Conteh is the Logistics and Advocacy Officer for WOHSL. Stricken with blindness at a young age by measles, Adama has a strong desire to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. She organizes disability awareness campaigns and women’s rights workshops for the betterment of women enrolled with Women of Hope Sierra Leone and the community in general. Adama coordinates all meetings, events and activities for the ministry.

Adama B..jpg

Adama Bangura

Office Cleaner

Adama Bangura works part-time at the WOHSL office as the office cleaner. Adama is deaf and enjoys the companionship that she experiences at the office with the other staff members. Her cheerfulness and thoroughness bring a pleasant atmosphere to the office.


Rebecca Kamara

Shalom Retreat Centre Manager

Rebecca Kamara is the full-time SRC Manager. She deftly maintains the retreat centre, caters for guests, does laundry and serves the staff with a solid devotion to Christ. Her warm welcome and attention to detail serves to generate income for the program as people stay at the Shalom Retreat Centre. When US staff or board members are in Sierra Leone, she attends to all of their daily needs, allowing them to focus fully on the ministry to the women.

Margaret Khanu

Assistant Trainer and Mentorship Coordinator

Margaret Khanu is the assistant trainer for the Transformation Training program. She facilitates monthly Bible studies in all locations where WOHSL has programs. She is the coordinator for the new mentorship program and works to disciple the previous scholarship recipients in Makeni. Margaret’s warm and outgoing personality shines through her actions, and she is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those she interacts with.


Rev. Abu Kamara

Administrative Director

As Administrative Director, Abu Kamara directs the staff in all administrative and financial capacities. Abu’s first interaction with WOHSL was as a Sierra Leone Board Member. He offers valuable insight and shows great passion for the calling of this ministry. He is working to expand programming to more program areas and strengthen current programs. He also works closely with the Programme Director towards greater sustainability of the organization in Sierra Leone. He desires to maintain the focus and solidarity of the staff, so that all are focused on the mission WOHSL is called to do.


Sidique Sesay


Sidique is the driver and all around helper at the office. His role in the program is vital as there is much field work to be done. The women’s mobility challenges often make it necessary for follow-up to be done in their homes. Sidi gets the WOHSL staff to the women, and often transports women to the office for meetings and events. He also maintains the equipment at the office and runs errands for the staff when needed.


Patricia Tarawallie

Shalom Retreat Centre Assistant

Patricia works at the Shalom Retreat Centre, supporting Rebecca in her tasks of cleaning, cooking, laundry, and making guests feel comfortable and at home.  Patricia is married with two precious children. She is deaf and came to know Women of Hope Sierra Leone through a connection at the local deaf school.


Alhaji Sesay


Alhaji is a driver for Women of Hope Sierra Leone who came on staff to support the new transportation service that WOHSL provides to the women in Makeni. Alhaji drives the large van that makes routine stops to transport women to and from the Hope Centre, making it much easier and more affordable for women to attend trainings, meeting, fair trade work, and other activities. He is a great addition to the WOHSL team, and his positive attitude is fun and easy to work with.


Fenty Conteh 

Finance Officer

Fenty brings his extensive education and background in the world of finance to WOHSL. Much of his previous work experience has been in connection to issues of women and children ostracized by their communities, so WOHSL seems a perfect fit for Fenty and his skillset. His heart for reaching others with the message of Jesus, which gives hope to the hopeless and restores dignity to the destitute, can be seen in his actions. He knows that working with WOHSL, he will learn many valuable skills in how to support women with disabilities and that he will benefit greatly.