Africa Hope greeting cards

Africa Hope greeting cards


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Cardstock, Fabric, Banana Leaf

These greeting cards are handcrafted by women with disabilities in Sierra Leone. Sold in sets of four, each card models a different design made of either dried banana leaf or colorful fabric on a crisp white card.

Please note that there will be variation in fabric colors and patterns.

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The Artist: Maseray

Maseray is a member of the card-making guild. Her paralyzed left foot makes it difficult for her to walk, leaving her feeling isolated over the years. She is a widow with four children to care for. Women of Hope's Fair Trade Co-op has helped to give Maseray new skills, more income and a community of supportive friends.

Women of Hope has created a space for women with disabilities to work in a safe, clean, nurturing environment, offering them the opportunity to work together, building community and relationship. This ensures that the women are able to work independently toward their own sustainable future without our assistance.

To produce their creative works, the women work in small teams (known as guilds): sharing the work and the profit.

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